Furtemba Sherpa

Co-Founder & Mountain Climber

Yes, the man in the picture, is Furtemba Sherpa, a mountain guide and once a porter in the Nepal Himalaya, is all about us. He is the leader behind Destination Holiday Treks. Honestly speaking, Furtemba has never been to school like many Sherpas.He was involved in helping his father and family. He started working at the age of 14 in the Himalayas. Having worked for nearly more than 15 years in the mountain for many other travel companies in different roles (porter, kitchen staff, sardar and climbing guide), he was loved by almost everyone in the team and even by the clients.

Ang L Sherpa

Chairman & CEO

A Chairman and CEO of the Destination Holiday Trek Ang L Sherpa, believes in leading by examples and likes to socialize and share business ideas with aspiring entrepreneurs. A perfectionist by nature, he brings his decades of Hospitality Business expertise, profound Adventurous lexicon and clients-centric business perspective the Travel business. A Graduate in Business, and management from USA He like to travel around the world and explore new destination during his leisure time.