Furtemba Sherpa

Mountain Climber & Climbing Guide

Yes, the man in the picture, is Furtemba Sherpa, a mountain guide and once a porter in the Nepal Himalaya, is all about us. He is the leader behind Destination Holiday Treks. Honestly speaking, Furtemba has never been to school like many Sherpas.He was involved in helping his father and family. He started working at the age of 14 in the Himalayas. Having worked for nearly more than 15 years in the mountain for many other travel companies in different roles (porter, kitchen staff, sardar and climbing guide), he was loved by almost everyone in the team and even by the clients.
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He organizes the trips in Nepal, Destination Holiday Treks & Expedition

Despite the lack of education, Furtemba Sherpa established his own travel company with the help of his friend Ang Lhakpa Sherpa his courage, humbleness and experience was the great advantage in his life.


He has participated in different Himalayan expeditions. He is lucky enough to have travelled around the world and one of his great experiences includes his work experience in Japan, he has successfully climbed Mount Fuji, Mount Yarika Take, as well as many other mountains in Japan to gather as many experience as he possibly could.


Now, he organizes the trips in Nepal Destination Holiday Treks and Expedition and have been closely working with clients form different Japanese-speakers and other English-speaking countries.


When it comes to organizing treks in Nepal Himalayas, he and his team assure that their clients have the best moments in Nepal. Getting back safely from the mountain is his first priority. At the same time, he makes sure that his team is well paid, well insured and above all, they are respected for their hard work. He has lived the life of porters, and he knows how hard it is.


The entire Destination Holiday Trek team are aware of the impacts of travel on the environment and our society, so we respect our mountains, our people and our culture in every trip we organize. we love to travel in small groups and share our stories & experiences.

Furtemba sherpa was borne in small farming village in Solukhumbu guide-5 in the eastern part of Nepal. His family was poor. They live in small house with very little money. When he was only 16 years old he left school and his village for Kathmandu, the capital city to look for an opportunity to make a money so that he can support the rest of his family in the village. He started his career as a porter and then moved on to become a Sherpa staff in expedition group as well as in Trekking.


In 2001 Furtemba Sherpa, still an amateur, first got his permission to become a climbing guide in the Everest Region. He climbed the Famous Mount Everest three times (8,849 m). Addition to Mount Everest Furtemba Sherpa has also successfully climbed numerous mountain consecutively.

Summited Mountains (Over 8000 meters)